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Model STJC-PETG Blow Molding Machine Series

product manual

Application: The machine is suitable for making 1-2 layer bottle.

1.      Electrical system: Adopt Japanese Mitsubishi PLC with touching screen to control the system. All the processing setting, alteration, search, monitoring and fault detection can be controlled in the touching screen. All the elements are durable.
2.      Hydraulic system: The hydraulic systems are controlled by the proportional valve. The systems are equipped with international famous brand hydraulic components which are working stably and reliably.
3.      Extrusion system: Adopt high efficient plasticized and mixed screw to ensure plasticized fully and evenly.
4.      Speed Controller: frequency controller with the gear box to make the speed regulate steady, low noise and long life.
5.      Clamping system: Adopt large beam arm, three point position and central clamping device to ensure the clamping power balanced, high precision, low resistance, fast speed, no deformation and long life.
項目Item 單位Unit 參數Specification
Single Layer Two Die
Two Layer One Die
螺桿直徑Screw Diameter MM ¢45 ¢50+35
螺桿長徑比Screw L/D MM 1:25 1:25
驅動功率Driving Power KW 7.5 14
加熱功率Heating Power KW 5 9
Max Production Diameter
MM 40 90
擠出量Extrusion Capacity KG/HR 25 38
產品重量Production Weight G 10 60
Production Max Volume
ML 50 750
油泵功率Oil Pump Power KW 4 4
鎖模力Clamping Power TON 38 60
模板尺寸Mold Plate Size MM 250x240 280x270
中心距Center distance MM 70 -
總功率Total Power KW 13.5 19.5
總重量Total Weight TON 3 3.8

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