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Published Date:2014-6-28 12:48:10     Visited:6526

Technical contest - documentary

First Ren Dong. Workshop technology Tournament


My company on April 28 to April 30 launched the first technical workshop Ren Dong Tournament, the contest of the old plant and the new plant in two venues. Participate in technical positions with oil change contest winding, dry change winding, core laminations, transformer oil body assembly, complete secondary wiring five team, the participating staff of 42 people, the contest to take a written and practical way of combining operations, each selected the top three positions were: First place award 500 yuan, 300 yuan reward second place, third place award of $ 100 and awarded honorary certificates. To reflect the contest fair and equitable, the company has established a leadership contest chairman, head of the group, under the panel of judges and supervision teams.

At 8:00 on April 28 by the Chief Minister Mr. Zhu Huahui explain the rules of the game, contest the content, notices and awards settings, workshop technology contest officially kicked off. The first is the theory test, theory test includes various positions mainly craft operating procedures, work instructions and related transformers knowledge, be summarized pass the exam to become systematic rationalization of knowledge, so that workers theoretical level to improve and consolidate.

Minister Zhu to explain the contents of the contest

Contest entry workers listened carefully contest rules

Old factory theory test site

The new plant theory test site

After the theory test, immediately followed by practical operation contest, the game was an oil change the order of the winding, dry change wound, the body of the assembly, core laminations, secondary wiring, practical operation carried out in full swing game.

Winding contest site oil change

Dry-winding contest site

Transformer oil body assembly contest site

Core laminations contest site

Secondary wiring contest site

The first lasted three days of technical workshops Ren Dong · Tournament, in support of the chairman of the company attaches great importance to the leadership, all participating employees, under the reviewers, inspection staff and the joint efforts of the workshop, after intense competition , filled with fruitful results, on the 30th successful conclusion.
Competition is a microcosm of daily work, the results are the result of the accumulation of the past, the gap is the direction of future efforts, workshop technology Tournament further stimulated the enthusiasm of workers, improve the technical capabilities of workers jobs, create a "workers than in the middle, science, time, help, super "a good competitive atmosphere. To further mobilize and organize the masses of workers to achieve scientific development and technological progress enterprises to make contributions to further develop "technical experts" demonstration, lead, motivate and inspire action to further strengthen workers as masters of responsibility.
Technical contest highlights effects have gradually become the banner, stimulate and encourage the workers to do solid work, to make up for the majority of workers to build a showcase skills and talents of the stage play, and our workers in this arena interpretation of the truth, to find out the part own "walk of Fame", into a brilliant future. Through effective technology contest, a large number of technical experts, post pacesetter emerged and led to cultivate a high quality, professional, strong ability of the workforce, sound and rapid development of enterprises laid a foundation.

Technical contest winners scene pictures

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